All initial consultations and 3D Itero prediction scans are complimentary
Age is not a barrier with treatments ranging from simple alignment to complex treatment for all ages. Treatment is easy to manage and tailored to you. 

At The Straight Tooth Company we specialise in straightening teeth but also offer other additional services such as cosmetic whitening, sports mouthguards and anti-snoring devices.


Braces can be minimal and ‘invisible’ with the clear aligner system Invisalign, cosmetic with clear fixed braces or you can choose traditional metal braces. Removable braces and functional appliances are available and are generally designed for children and teens.

Tooth whitening is provided to give the perfect finish, including the whitening ‘touch up pen’ for that quick brightening effect before a special occasion.

We are always happy to chat about your individual goals and circumstances. We know how important it is that you feel comfortable and in control of your treatment

Children, including early interception

Children, including early interception

It is important that when children are treated it is undertaken by a fully qualified specialist. Children are growing, and therefore if treatment is timed correctly, and carried out appropriately, it can have a rapid and positive effect on a child’s confidence and simplify later treatment.

Braces can now be offered very discretely for children with both cosmetic brackets and Invisalign First – a new clear aligner product available to children who still have some baby teeth (see our Gallery for an example).

The risks and benefits will be clearly discussed for your child’s individual situation so that you can make an informed decision about what you feel is right for them.

From £750

Adult Treatment

Adult Treatment

At The Straight Tooth Company we believe you’re never too old for anything….. so why should your teeth be any different?!

Teeth can be aligned at any age and you can have the bright, straight smile you have always wanted.

We individually tailor all courses of treatment to our clients to make sure that the speed and movement is suitable for them. You are never too old so come and have a chat with us to see how we might be able to help you on your Straight Tooth journey.

Treatment can be quick, simple and easy – to suit you!

Types of brace

Types of brace

Whether you would like traditional metal braces or a cosmetic equivalent, we are able to show you several options and talk you through which might best suit your lifestyle and budget. With our range of brackets as well as the highly regarded Invisalign clear aligner system, you can be confident we will have an appliance to suit you.

All of our options can be used for both adults or children, so the choice is yours!

Sports guards

Sports guards

We give you the best so that you can give yours!

Fed up with boil in the bag mouthguards that are bulky and loose? Why not come and see us for a professional, custom made sports guard to ensure maximal protection and peace of mind. As our mouthguards are individually made for you, they are the perfect fit and won’t fall out during that crucial moment– no matter how much you shout to your team mates!

From £60

Anti-Snoring devices

Anti-Snoring devices

Snoring is a common problem which can be helped by wearing a night time appliance to assist in keeping the airway open as the muscles relax during sleep. Not only can this keep a partner happy but it can also improve the quality of your sleep – helping you feel rested and ready to go in the morning!



Whitening can brighten a smile and give you that little extra sparkle. We have a selection of products ranging from the traditional bleaching trays through to the no mess, fuss free Autograph Whitening Pen! For just £50 this pen is great value and a superb ‘on the go’ product with no need to refrigerate and no need for messy trays.

Frequently Asked Questions

Popular Questions

  • Is treatment at The Straight Tooth Company affordable?

      • Yes! We are very competitive with our prices and have not increased them despite the COVID pressures. We offer individual solutions for each client and prices start from £750 for children and £900 for adults. Our pricing is clear, and you will be given a range of options. An average full treatment adult case with cosmetic brackets costs just £3300, with children’s metal braces starting at £2600.


    • You can also talk to us about finance options to help spread the cost and get your Straight Tooth journey underway!
    • We offer 0% finance packages over 18-24 months (terms and conditions apply) through our partners Medenta Finance and V12 Retail Finance.
  • Are there hidden charges?

    • Absolutely not. We pride ourselves on our honesty and transparency. Our goal is your satisfaction. We offer:
    1. Free initial consultation
    2. A ‘records’ appointment charged at £85 which includes all required X-rays, photographs and treatment planning
    3. A set fee for treatment, including reasonable breakages
    4. A set fee for the retainer – you will have a choice of retainers and this will be discussed at the beginning
  • What’s the difference between a dentist and an orthodontist?

    • An orthodontist is a dentist who has gone on to do further, specialist training in orthodontics on an approved university course – resulting in the award of a Master’s Degree or Doctorate in Orthodontics as well as Membership of the Royal College of Surgeons (MOrth) or equivalent. An orthodontist has been examined by the Royal College of Surgeons and their specialist status is awarded and published by the General Dental Council.

    • Although some general dentists are offering orthodontic treatment they have not undergone this recognised and approved training and will generally only be comfortable with simple cases.

    • Libby is a Consultant Orthodontist which means that after qualifying as a specialist orthodontist she went on to do further training and examination to be awarded the FDSOrth making her a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow. This allows Libby to work with the most complex of orthodontic cases including facial deformity and orthognathic surgery.
  • Who will treat me at The Straight Tooth Company

    • Your treatment will not be passed around to different orthodontists. You will be treated by our Consultant Orthodontist, Libby Graham, at every visit.
  • Do I still need to visit my dentist during treatment?

    • Yes. Although an orthodontist is a dentist and we will tell you if we see any problems with your teeth, it is important that you have a regular thorough dental checks to specifically look for problems such as dental decay.
  • How long does it take?

    • After an assessment to check the health of your teeth treatment can begin with us very quickly. The length of the treatment depends upon what you are trying to achieve and the method chosen but we will guide you through this and talk to you about your expected timescale. Treatment can be delivered in as little as 6 months however, we advise caution with “quick fixes” as they do not always move the roots into the right place to make the result stable once the brace is removed.
  • Does it hurt?

    • Orthodontics can lead to some initial discomfort but this is normally very manageable with standard pain killers. The discomfort tends to be in the first few days after fitting and tightening. This is rarely an issue.
  • How often do I have to attend?

    • This depends on the appliance you have chosen. We offer digital consultations for Invisalign cases which means you can check in easily with us when it suits you, reducing your need to attend in person. Standard fixed braces usually need to attend every 6-8 weeks for a 20 minute appointment
  • Do you offer digital consultations?

    • Yes! We would be more than happy to organise a digital chat with you to discuss your specific case and answer any questions you may have
  • What about DIY/Online braces

    • The British Orthodontic Society have launched a ‘Safe Brace’ campaign. The General Dental Council have recommended that all patients should have a face to face consultation with an appropriately trained professional. A great deal of long-term harm can be caused by unsupervised or unskilled orthodontic treatment.